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Zumba has in recent years taken the world by storm and Houston Texas is not left out. Millions of people around the world participate in this dance phenomenon on a weekly basis. Zumba Houston involves several aspects of popular, South American dances with a touch of both martial arts and hip hop. Zumba Houston dance studios offer as many benefits as possible including weight loss. It has been proven to be an effective method for fat burning.

Zumba Houston is just perfect for those looking for high impact exercise. It does not involve jumping movements. Rather movements are done in a rhythmic fashion. An array of dance moves in Zumba Houston has been taken from many different dance styles including Hip-hop, Salsa, Mambo, Samba, Merengue just to name a few.  The different dance moves are incorporated into different aerobic moves like lunges and squats.  Asides weight loss, Zumba helps to strengthen the heart and work several muscles in the body. Every single move is geared towards working every muscle and it is perfectly coordinated to blood pumping music.  The muscle groups worked include quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and all sizes of muscle groups in the body.

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Instructors in Zumba Houston dance classes are licensed and certified by Zumba Fitness, LLC. They are well equipped with the right skills to teach hour long programs that incorporate both slow and fast rhythms, lunges, squats and resistance training. Latin dance is the primary music being used. However, there is a slight touch of hip-hop and other musical styles incorporated into the dance routines. The program keeps people active for several hours. Zumba Houston is one of the most preferred fun an entertaining exercise style in the world today. What’s more, Zumba has something for everyone. There is a Zumba Gold program for the elderly designed specifically for those that are less energetic and flexible.

Zumba Houston training significantly reduces the likelihood of exercise plateaus, mostly caused by training monotony. The human body can incredibly adapts to changes in its environment within a short amount of time. When this adaptation occurs, the body produces an alternate stimulus to align with the changes. Most lay people do not have all it takes to properly design effective programs that will most likely yield possible result in the shortest time possible. Since Zumba is so varied, it guarantees steady results for the students. No two training sessions are the same. Thus, making the activity interesting and entertaining for the student.

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