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For men, society places a great deal of impetus on performance in the bedroom. It’s not uncommon for men to be vilified and ridiculed for common problems that may cause a man to underperform in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are issues that almost every man will have to deal with at some point or another; these can leave a man feeling emasculated, and lead to low self-esteem; worse, often the nervousness that comes with these problems can lead to exacerbation of the problem. It’s important to remember that these issues are commonplace, and do not make you less of a man. With a few simple lifestyle changes, or even just a change of attitude, you can eliminate these problems from the bedroom and there are also a wealth of remedies available that can work really well to.issues-1

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction –the inability to get or maintain an erection- is perhaps one of the most hard-hitting problems for men. The feeling of being sexually impotent can lead to a feelings of low self-esteem or depression. Erectile dysfunction can have a number of causes; ranging from the psychological to the physiological.

In order to combat erectile dysfunction, it’s important to start by identifying the root cause. Smoking, obesity, tiredness, alcohol ordrug use and vascular problems are common physical causes. If you’re struggling to maintain an erection, it’s advisable to consider a lifestyle change; a change of diet, getting more fresh air and exercise, quitting smoking or cutting down on the drinks often result in increased libido and better, stronger erections.

Sometimes, drug use can result in sexual impotence, even after the effects of the drug have worn off. Everything from party powders to marijuana can cause erectile dysfunction, so cutting drugs out is likely to have a positive effect on your sex life. Alcohol can have a similar effect; many people who suffer from erectile dysfunction claim that usually when they have sex, they have been drinking. Try reducing alcohol consumption or cutting it out entirely, and see if this makes a difference.

Don’t be afraid to contact your doctor for further assistance, as sometime erectile dysfunction can be symptomatic of a more serious condition, such as cardiovascular disease. Doctors are trained professionals who deal with a range of problems without judgement. They will have dealt with hundreds of men suffering from the same problems, so don’t feel embarrassed.

Erectile dysfunction can also have psychological roots. Factors such as tiredness and stress can lead to erectile dysfunction or a reduced libido. Often, the problem can be solved by making more time for sleep, or reducing your work load. Remember, sex is more than just a reproductive act, it is a profound social needs for human beings, and you deserve to have a sex life just like anybody else.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common problem for many men. The root causes are numerous, which can make it problematic to deal with. The good news however, is that premature ejaculation tends to improve with time. Often it’s simply a case of mixing up your sex routine a bit, try a different position or try something entirely new. Remember, most women love foreplay; it’s not always a case of how long a man can last that makes him good in bed.

Sometimes premature ejaculation can be caused by anxiety, stress or even nerves. Taking a more relaxed approach to sex –and to life in general- can help to reduce premature ejaculation. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, exercise and fresh air, and try to cut down on your bad habits (such as smoking, drug use and alcohol), and you will most likely see your performance improving.

Remember, the average man last no longer than 7 minutes from penetrative sex, so don’t feel like you have to have marathon sex every single time. Take it easy and switch it up a bit, and remember to take things slow and not rush into things.

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