Synthetic HGH Injections and Natural Growth Hormones

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Synthetic Human Growth Hormone is always different from that of the Growth hormone which is produced in the body. Natural growth hormone is produced in the body, while synthetic one is produced in the laboratory.  One need to understand the working of the synthetic growth hormone and body produced growth hormone. It is important to understand for one who is looking to buy HGH injections or if they are under any growth therapy.

Endogenous HGH

Body produced growth hormone is called endogenous Human Growth Hormone and this is manufactured by pituitary gland. Many glands in the endocrine system will be effecting the cellular activities. Many hormones will affect the body physic, physical ability and mental alertness, hair growth, voice and sexual behaviour. Nervous system is associated with the endocrine glands and they have the ability to think, behave and feel. Out of many hormones produced in the pituitary gland, growth hormone is one. It is also called Somatotropin or Human Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone helps in stimulating the bone growth and tissue growth. Pituitary gland helps in regulating the endocrine glands functions. Hypothalamus gland gives instructions and are delivered as neurons. The neurons will be inhibiting or stimulating the hormone secretions. Hypothalamus neurohormone affects the growth hormone secretion and is called Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone –GHRH. This helps in stimulating the growth hormone secretion. Hypothalamus monitors and maintains the body fluids and this balance is Homeostasis. Any damage to this will affect the functioning. When pituitary gland does not produce sufficient amounts of growth hormone when it is injured, synthetic Human growth Hormone will be recommended.

Synthetic HGH

Synthetic HGH is generally developed in laboratories and is injected in the body, when natural growth hormone production is disturbed. As Synthetic HGH is from outside the body, it is called exogenous. These synthetic artificial HGH injctions are injected into the muscles so that it gets into the bloodstream easily and provides quick results. The most common and generic one suggested by doctors is Somatropin. Other common synthetic HGH are Norditropin, Omnitrope, Saizen. Brand and the dosage is determined by the doctor depending on the age, medical condition and the treatment. Synthetic HGH is used for treating many conditions like when children do not grow due to the low growth hormone secretions. While in adults Saizen can be recommended for hormone deficiencies. Genotropin can be used for treating HIV patients.

HGH for bodybuilders and athletes

HGH is popular in bodybuilding and athletes. Many steroids and testosterones and other performance enhancers are used. Many use growth hormone  for enhancing the stamina, for muscle growth and for endurance. Synthetic HGH is used as a supplement by athletes and  many people who look for antiaging and other health benefits. HGH will be injected to be effective, because when it is destroyed in digestive system before it is absorbed by the body. One need to get the hormone levels checked, before injecting the Synthetic growth hormone. If it is injected while the levels are adequate,  it leads to many side effects, as excess levels of growth hormone are dangerous.

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