Sugarbush insects

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Sugarbush trees are quite an attractive choice for different kinds of insects. Who wouldn’t like a sugary treat instead of a dead tree or something not as flavorful. If you are going to get involved in wholesale maple syrup production you are going to need to protect yourselves from the different kinds of insects that will be climbing all over your trees. Be informed of what kinds there are.

Wood borers

Wood-boring insects hang on trees that tend to not be as healthy. If you see a lot of these around then you should understand your wholesale maple syrup production could be at risk. You may be over stressing your trees and taking more than they can handle producing.

  • Sugar Maple Borer
  • Horntails
  • Ambrosia Beetles

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This group of insects preys on the foliage of the tree. This put your wholesale maple syrup production in danger as well because they will eat up major parts of the tree. Different types of caterpillars are a major culprit of eating the leaves right off the tree. Usually they are larvae that turns into caterpillars and then into moths.  There are early-season defoliators and late-season defoliators. The early season ones usually have their eggs right on the trees and feed until June. The late-season ones, they are in a non feeding stage in the winter and as the year goes on the eggs are deposited on maple trees during late June or early July. After they hatch, they can keep eating into September and October. Most of these insects are “window feeders” at first, but later in the season they become whole-leaf feeders.

Insects are a major problem you are going to have to deal with if you are going to sell wholesale maple syrup that you make yourself. If you want to save time, energy and money find a trustworthy wholesale maple syrup producer that you can have a long-term relationship with. Contact

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