Numerous benefits of Testoviron on the users

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Testoviron is identified as one among the ancient anabolic steroids. It was released during the 1930’s by the name, “Testosterone Propionate”. This is considered a chain of anabolic steroids manufactured by Schering Pharmaceuticals that contains a blend of Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Depot in a solo ester Testosterone-Enanthate drug. Testosterone Enanthate is similar to another well-known testosterone drug in Depot version, known as Testosterone Cypionate. These two products are huge ester-based testosterones and the small difference they have lies in their half-lives. Both have the same optimistic traits and the probable side effects. If you remove the ester then both Cypionate and Enanthate are same testosterone hormone.

Because of the huge effectiveness of both the Testoviron and Testoviron Depot, they are habitually forged by different underground laboratories. The real depot does contain 250mg per ML of Testosterone. The Enanthate blend is available in 4 different dosages, 50mg per milliliter, 100mg per ml, 135 mg per ml and 250 mg per ml. Among these four forms, 100mg per ml and 135 mg per ml are commonly available. There are huge benefits of this medication and they are all wonderful. Both the versions have the capability to supply the benefits an athlete needs. This medication can be tolerated by healthy grown-ups and that too in big dosages.

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Administering this medication

To treat the levels of low testosterone, this medication is taken in dosages of 100-200mg weekly. You can take the entire dosage once weekly or divide the medicine in a couple of small identical dosages to be taken each week dependent on your personal desires. Numerous physicians prescribe this medication in dosages of 200-250mg every14 days. Sometimes, it has also been noticed that doctors prescribe this medication in dosages of 200-400mg each 3-4 weeks. Whichever dosage you prefer to take, you must continue taking this medication as long as you suffer from L Testosterone. It is vital to know that low T can’t be healed properly but definitely treated.

A performance seeking athlete takes this medication in dosages between 400-500mg weekly with a couple of injections weekly. He can take 250mg of this medication on Monday and on Thursday can take another 250mg. There are numerous steroid users who take lower dosages than this. These people use therapeutic dosages and do not require much testosterone. They cycle with other steroids and use a therapeutic dosage of testosterone to stop the natural destruction of testosterone caused by the compounds. A dosage of 500mg weekly of this drug is a very common dosage and sometimes progressive steroid users opt for a much higher dosage than this.

The post cycle therapy of this compound

Testoviron 250 does contain 250mg per ML of Testosterone and numerous athletes and bodybuilders take this medication in combination with anti-estrogen compounds and aromatase inhibitors, like Nolvadex and Clomid. This is done to avert the risk of aromatizing side effects. In the majority of cases, these compounds are added in a PCT but the consequences are dependent on the drugs being used and the mechanism of taking the drugs. You are always advised to start this medication with the lowermost dosages and notice your body’s adaptation to this medication prior to increasing the dosing levels.

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