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Natural foods to boost your testosterone health!

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What is Testosterone?Testosterone – known for boosting the sex drive is anatural hormone synthesized in every human. It is very important for the well being of aperson. It builds thelean muscle, maintains bone strength, and boosts our memory powers well as making us feel good. This hormone which is generally associated with the males can cause more trouble in women when the levels go down. Zinc and Vitamin D are essential for synthesizing this hormone. Low levels of these two and the age of aperson affect the natural production. Stress is also a killer. The cortisol hormone produced when one is stressed negatively effects testosterone production. There are natural ways to boost its production in the body; one of the easiestways is looking out for a few of these foods at the supermarket. Listeddown here are the most common and easily available foods that enhance testosterone.

Foods to look out for at the next supermarket visit

Shop for these foods and be assured of your mental and physical health

Pomegranate – This nutrients packed fruit which is considered as healthy by everyone acts as a power source for boosting the levels of testosterone produced naturally. Research studiesproved that 47% of people with low testosterone showed improvement after consuming a glass of pomegranate juice everyday. Whole fruit is a good option too as it has fiber.

Tuna – Tuna has vitamin D and amino acids which help in the production of testosterone. It is also considered as a heart healthy food. So, if you miss out on your sunshine, have tuna for a meal that day!

Olive oil – The extra virgin olive oil has a proven record of increasing the testosterone levels in the body. This could be attributed to theantioxidants present in it. Just switching your daily oil for this extra virgin option would help in improving the overall health.

Eggs – The perfect protein food in the list of foods that enhance testosterone! Eggs are considered very nutritious, as they have all vitamins (except vitamin C) along with amino acids and perfect balance of fats. The yolk has cholesterol which is required for synthesizing testosterone.

Grapes – The skin of red grapes contains resveratrol, which makes sperms strong and increases its count also increases their motility. Grabbing just 8-10 of these on a daily basis is enough to boost virility.

Coconut – Adding coconut to our diet makes itfeel like a tropical vacation. The raw form or the oil has saturated fats which assist in production of many hormones including testosterone. This fat doesn’t affect our heart negatively too.

Avocados – Another power packed fruit with healthy fats boosts the levels of testosterone.

Along with these foods consumingany othersthat arerich in vitamin D and Zinc help to boost the levels and also to maintain a balance of the other hormones. Losing weight in obese people, doing high intensity exercise and strength training, getting their daily doses of vitamin D (its importance warrants mentioning it so many times), alleviating stress and plenty of sleep all help in promoting healthy production of testosterone.

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