Mild but firm gains from Anavar impress people

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Initially manufactured during the 1960s, Anavar or Var is one anabolic-androgenic steroid that causes you the least health problems. This medication is recognized by its mild properties and if you are a beginner of anabolic steroids, a woman or someone who is highly profound to the side effects of steroids, then this drug is just perfect for you. This medication is the mutual name for Oxandrolone, which was primarily utilized for promoting muscle growth in individuals suffering from muscle wasting problems. Because of its exceptional qualities, this medication is a huge favorite among the athletes and bodybuilders.

This anabolic steroid possesses very little androgenic properties which are why unpleasant side effects are seldom experienced with the usage of this compound. In fact, it is non-aromatizing too and its modest anabolic qualities supply slow but quality and steady gains. As this anabolic steroid is hugely popular, numerous underground laboratories manufacture this medication in different dosed tablets, commonly between 10mg and 50mg. A lot of people use Anavar and Winstrol together as these compounds are of high repute among the muscle building communities and the fitness communities nowadays. Both these steroids deliver the same outcomes but the real impacts and their process of working are remarkably different from each other.

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Accurate stacks and dosages

A male athlete takes Anavar in the dosages of 0.125mg daily/kg of bodyweight which relates todosages of 2mg-100mg daily. This medication is often referred to as a “girl steroid” as, like other compounds, it causes no virilization in women which is recognized as secondary male features in a woman. Besides Winstrol, you can stack this medication with other drugs like HGH, Primobolan, Equipoise, and Halotestin. When your cycle gets finished, you can continue your post-cycle therapy with compounds, like Clomid, Ostarine, N2Guard, Arimidex and Nolvadex.

Purchasing this medication

You can’t buy this compound from the black market as they do not store this medication in huge quantities. In fact, this medication turns out to be expensive too when you buy the black market versions. There is another problem surrounding this medication and that is the quality. There are available only some quality brands and even they are sometimes mislabelled or over-dosed products. Some petty manufacturers label their product as Oxandrolone but actually the product contains a cheap Dianabol powder. When you are searching high-quality product, you must do some research and seek independent assessments of the supplier and the brand. And if you fail to do it you may end up buying an inferior compound.

Stacking with Winstrol

Athletes use Anavar and Winstrol together for the purpose of cutting as both are effectual for shedding persistent body fat with excess pounds. Still, they do not serve the same purpose, as Anavar is better for increasing strength and Winstrol is grander than Anavar in the matter of adding lean muscle. Users prefer Anavar over Winstrol as it doesn’t carry virilization and aromatization. If you wish to witness the incredible effects of both these compounds, you need to cycle both these anabolic steroids. You can stack both these compounds for quicker cutting and better outcomes.


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