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Cancer is a deadly disease that harms the whole body. It occurs when the growth of body cells become out of control. Lots of people die every year because of cancer. Cancer affects the body functions and it makes the patient weakest. Though treatment for cancer is now available but it is very expensive that is why many people can’t afford it and they die. Being human, we all should help cancer patients and it is our duty to make people aware of cancer.

If you browse online you can find one organization named “cancer doesn’t care”. The member of this organization has a clear purpose to spread awareness about cancer. In this way they can save a lot of people from cancer. If you know about the cancer, you can easily get rid of it within time. You can find information about this organization at



Cancer can occur in any part of body. It can be blood cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, vaginal cancer, and many more. When cancer starts, it does not produce any symptom. However, it is difficult to identify cancer in initial stage. The symptoms vary according to the part of body that is affected by cancer. In case of lung cancer, the symptom is pneumonia or cough because the bronchus gets blocked. If it is vaginal cancer, the symptom is blood in urine. These were specific symptoms. Now, the general symptoms of cancer include fever, weight loss, changes in skin, excessive fatigue, etc.

Nowadays, problem of breast cancer is spreading widely. There are many women who are suffering from breast cancer. The symptoms of breast cancer include swelling in parts of breast, pain in breast, redness of nipples, skin irritation, etc. After knowing the symptoms of cancer, you can identify the cancer and you can get proper treatment.


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