Know The Benefits Of Ozone And Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies

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Aging is something that affects each one of us. Some get the signs early, while some get it late. The difference in the time to appear the aging signs depends on the lifestyle of the person. All the bad habits like smoking, lesser sleep, alcoholism, not working out regularly are some of the reasons why the aging signs like wrinkles, sagging of the skin, Hair loss, occur in the early stages of life.

However, today we have different methods to fight these issues. Some of these methods are very effective and don’t require much effort like the aesthetics medicine in Queens. Also, they don’t even show any side-effects and provides the person 100 percent results. Two of the most effective procedures that are very famous among urban women are ozone therapy and the platelet rich plasma therapy.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is the activated form of oxygen with three atoms present. In the cosmetic world, it is used in accurate forms and controlled circumstances to provide a variety of treatments.

When used in the therapy, ozone cures some serious skin problems by killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It proves to be very powerful in purifying our skin cells.


What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is used to reduce the hair loss. The process starts with centrifuging one’s blood to collect plasma with platelets. Then this platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the bald areas of a person’s scalp through a special method. This is how it prevents the hair loss and even improves the hair quality.

Benefits of ozone therapy

  1. Healing benefits

Ozone therapy is used to heal the skin tissues and provide a new life to the skin by killing the fungi, bacteria, and other infections. This therapy directly works on the cells of the skin and provide necessary moisture. It is also famous for the treatment of rashes and swelling of the skin.

  1. Anti-aging benefits

The therapy stimulates the production of new skin cells and gives the desired glow on the face. The harmful toxins on the skin get neutralized by the free radical properties of ozone, which as a result makes the skin healthier than ever. One can also use this therapy for the reduction of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. Plus, it acts as a natural moisturizer for the facial skin of the person.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

This therapy resolves the hair loss issues of the person with few sittings and provides the desired amount of hair to the scalp.

After a few sittings, the person starts seeing the results. The bald area gets a little amount of hair which increases with the further sittings with the expert. The process is safer than other methods and shows no side effects in future. Only a slight discomfort is there when the needle goes inside your skin, but this can be reduced by applying a numbing cream before the procedure starts.

You can easily find some great professionals of aesthetics medicine in Queens. Both the treatments are beneficial for the person suffering from aging signs.

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