Know Avavarthe Super-Steroid for Various Fitness Needs

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A number of health enthusiasts prefer staking Anavar with other steroids. However, thousands of Anavar supporters prefer an Anavar-only cycle to gain leaner muscles. Perhaps, the best thing about this drug is that you can gain positive results from it for almost any fitness phase.     No matter your level of fitness, good quality Anavar supplements are designed to give you more energy and strength. It stimulates the secretion of phosphor creatinine, the molecules that move the stock of high-energy phosphates existing in the brain and skeletal muscles. This is how it helps to melt unwanted fat from your body really fast. It is safe for both men and women, gives minimal side effects and serves as a legal choice for no-prescription drugs! It also has a number of medical purposes. That being said, when you have a weight loss issue to take care of, Anavar might be the perfect solution for you!

The Mild Option for Steroid

Depending on how long you use it, Anavar is not a toxic type of drug. Rather, it has very mild anabolic properties. It is no extremely androgenic, either. It also gives no harsh results in the HTPA or hypothalamic-testicular-pituitary-axis. HTPA is, basically, a bunch of endocrine glands. They work with each other in your system to control vital aspects, such as aging and reproduction. It is due to its mild nature, users seldom need to undergo a Post-Cycle therapy or PCT, once they stop taking it.

About The Side Effects

While you are on an Anavar cycle, chances are that your skin will start producing more oil. Consequently, you might start developing acne, especially if you have an acne-prone skin. You can control this by keeping your skin clean while taking the steroid. Also, you can suffer from hair loss, especially if he issue of baldness runs in your genes. Men can suffer from male-pattern baldness, while females might experience rapid thinning of hair. However, you can control hair fall by undergoing hair-loss treatment. But make sure that you consult your doctor before applying just about any type of hair growth tonic. Men can also suffer from lesser secretion of testosterone. This is common among long-term male users of Anavar. So far women are concerned; they can experience the symptoms of virilisation. This refers to the development of male features in women.

How to Take Anavar

Anavar has a number of therapeutic properties. So the dosage that doctors would recommend to treat various physical symptoms would differ from what a bodybuilder will use it. In the world of body-sculpturing, health enthusiasts take it for a fruitful muscle-building steroid. But you will experience its efficacy depending on how long you use it. It also depends on factors like the type of training you undergo, your dosage as well as your genes. And of course, the optimum dosage of Anavar differs between male and female. Women should start by taking lower dosage than that of men. Girls, you can start by taking 5mg of it every day, splitting the dosage into two. It is safe to move up to 20mg every day. Men, you can start by taking 20 mg of Anavarevery day and gradually escalate the daily dosage to 40-60 mgs.

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