IS Anavar a safe steroid for the females, if yes! How??

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Anavar is a steroid with some androgenic effects. It gives the side effects temporary in nature, but becomes permanent if left untreated. The Anavar is an anabolic steroid and is being used by the athletes, bodybuilders, etc. since 1980’s. This drug is manufactured by several other brands including the meditech, British Dragon, etc. The cost of Anavar is a bit high, as it depends on the brand manufacturing the steroid.

Anavar is the perfect choice for the individuals looking for the steroid with minimal side effects. The side effects of Anavar occur very rarely an, if occur they are very mild. IT has been seen that Anavar has only shown positive results. IN other words, its benefits overweigh its side effects. Before undergoing through the side effects of the Anavar, it is essential for an individual to get complete information about the Anavar. Anavar is a safe steroids for females, as with the intake of this steroid the Virilization effects are very rare, as compared to other steroids.

Side effects of Anavar to the women:

With the intake of every steroid, the most common side effects that may take place are the Virilization. The Virilization refers to the occurrence of the masculine traits in a female. But, this side effect is very rare to come in contact to the women. A very high dosage of the Anavar makes the symptoms of the Virilization to appear. AN important thing that one must keep in mind is that, as and when an individual feels that the symptoms are appearing, she has to stop the intake of Anavar by that moment itself.

Most of the women take 10 mg of the Anavar in a day for 6-8 weeks, which is considered as a perfect and safe dosage. An increase in the dosage is recommended on seeing some positive results on that increase in the dosage. If a woman wants to increase her dosage to the next level, it would be 15 mg to 20 mg in a day, not more than that. It is sure that with an intake of the Anavar above 20 mg in a day, the effects of Virilization are likely to appear.

The side effects of Anavar are not different, if compared with other anabolic steroid in terms of hepatotoxic composition of the Anavar. The intake of Anavar in an adequate amount gives no effect on the liver and increases its enzymes.  The individuals are recommended to avoid taking over the counter medications along with intake of Anavar, as Anavar is anabolic with mold side effects, but it can cause huge side effects to the liver, if combined with any stronger steroid.

The individual is recommended to take it in the right amount and is safe.Majority of the women take 10 mg in a day and get the beneficial results. This means that this is the safe steroid for the females. The females and males are recommended to follow the guidelines and recommendations of a doctor, so as to get rid of the side effects of the Anavar and get positive results.


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