How Help Your Partner Overcome Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is among the most common sex issues couples encounter, which often leads to relationship issues and even break ups. This problem makes the entire intercourse awkward for both partners. Men are embarrassed, while women are frustrated, which leads to rejection and can cause a lot of psychological issues. Luckily, there are many ways to manage this condition. In the following, I present some tips on how to help your partner overcome premature ejaculation.


Address the anxiety

The first step in overcoming premature ejaculation is addressing the anxiety of your partner, which is a big part of this issue. Before you get into the sheets, talk with him and help him relieve all his worries, which keep him from actually being there during sex. He needs to be grounded before the two of you actually become intimate, otherwise, his mind will be stuck on anxiety, while his body will react to the stimuli, causing premature ejaculation.

Exercise touching

Men always think about ejaculation when they start an intercourse, which makes them prone to premature climax. This condition can be relieved by taking special pills, so you can  buy Priligy online and advise your partner to take them. Meanwhile, practice touching, which can “train” your man that sensuality can be enjoyed without having to end in an intercourse or ejaculation.

Use props

The treatment for premature ejaculation includes a lot of practicing, so your man can learn to focus on the sensations, without ejaculating. Props are great aids for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, especially masturbation sleeves. Invest in one of these and use it to relieve anxiety and help your partner postpone ejaculation.

Built the moment, then cool down

Use your hands to build up the moment for your partner, then, just before it’s too much for him, cool things down. You can try practicing this for about one hour, couple of times a week, to help him focus on the moment and the present pleasure, not on the final event of ejaculation.

During these exercises you should also practice his breathing: most men who suffer from premature ejaculation breathe very quick, from their chest. Practice with your partner belly breathing and deep breathing, which enable him to relieve anxiety.

Don’t shame your partner

Premature ejaculation is a common issue in men and it’s also very awkward for them. When this thing happens, don’t shame your partner. This condition appears in men of all ages and status, regardless how they look or if they are married or not. Sex counselors also say that premature ejaculation is tricky because unlike women, who are controlled by moon phases and menstrual cycles, men are not influenced by these things. Don’t shame your partner when he’s unable to perform. Instead, work on decreasing his anxiety and keep his mind on the present acts, not on the ejaculation. If you want to talk with him about this problem, pick a neutral moment, when he is relaxed, not the actual intercourse time, when he is already tensed.

With patience from both partners, premature ejaculation can be solved and your love life can be improved.

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