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Care for the body is the key to better health and great mind abilities therefore, it is essential to ensure that healthy eating is emphasized at all ages so that the body can withstand any bacteria or infections. Care for the feet from the ankles to the toes is also a very important thing to ensure that the physical capabilities of an individual are not restricted due to illness. Most careers in the world today require walking to accomplish them and most importantly, sports people require their feet to improve efficiency. Having a set of well-behaved staff members that are dedicated to their work could go a long way to serve as a reward because, they are constantly in contact with the patients. The way the receptionists show their courtesy and willingness to explain the products, so that the patient can know what they exactly need attracts many patients to hospitals or medical centers. 

The website is about the podiatrists and their importance to the society. The podiatric sports medicine Elmhurst IL is one of the recognized foot center in Chicago, with specialty in correction of previous surgeries that were dissatisfactory to the patients. Their specialty include correction of deformed musculoskeletal system in children popular as orthopedics, placement of artificial devices such as braces, that are customized a process known as orthotics, correction of dislocation of the ankle, fracture of bones and sprain of the feet and treatment of bunions. Moreover, they perform other foot surgeries such as flat feet commonly affecting infants, deformity of the toes known as hammertoes, fungus infection causing athlete foot and corns that cause discomfort. 

In addition, the medical center accepts a variety of insurance cover from different providers that most people in need are not left out. There are well trained doctors with experience in practice of their specialty, who ensure that all the patient’s concerns are assured through explanations and providing extensive reading materials, so that trust can be established between the patient and the doctor and a patient’s confidence on the procedure is increased. Being in the health care sector for over three decades, they have been able to train more than hundred surgeons into the field of ankle and foot surgery. Over the years, their ratings as medical provider has increased, therefore increasing the number of patients visiting it for medical care. 

Furthermore, they have improved their services through the use of technological tools for the various treatments. They have an x-ray examination that is digitized hence ensuring proper diagnosis leading to better treatment of the patients. The machine allows for better view through adjusting the magnifications for tumors, fractures and dislocation. Another equipment is the diagnostic ultrasound which is used in treatment of soft tissue and bone disorder through monitoring progress hence giving better diagnosis. In conclusion, the use of extra corporal shockwave therapy which does not involve incision for treatment has reduced the complications associated therefore increasing the chances of normality after treatment.

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