GWC Valve on Trump’s Trip to Saudi Arabia

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Employees at GWC Valve are baffled at Trump’s conduct overseas these past few days. Among the many stupid and hypocritical acts that the current United States President has done, some of statements he’s made in Saudi Arabia is simply unacceptable. For starters, a couple of years ago when Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama went to Saudi Arabia, she did not wear a veil. It is tradition that women cover their shoulders and heads in many countries in that region. Retaliating, Trump tweeted that Michelle not wearing one was a sign of disrespect. However, this week when Milania Trump and Ivanka Trump were there, they had not covered themselves either. The hypocrisy leave many unimpressed.

The valve manufacturing company, GWC Valve, is especially unimpressed with the fact that Donald Trump exploited the country’s greatest resources in a speech. Now, you may be thinking that he was talking about oil but he was actually talking about their children and youth. To elaborate, Trump said that he wants the country to invest in their youth so they do not get influenced to do bad. Trump’s words were much more harmful and described the “influenced to do bad” and “radicalized”. In other words, he is trying to prevent and “fix” the individuals that have set out to cause other people harm internationally and are using the Muslim religion as an excuse or reason for their actions. GWC among many other companies believe that religion is up for interpretation. However, every holy scripture is meant to be interpreted in a peaceful way. Violence is not peaceful nor should it be used to attain peace. Unfortunately, own world has yet to realize that. GWC Valve and the rest of the world can only hope that Donald Trump and his administration get along with the Saudis. Notably, they came to several agreements related to military and economics which seem hopeful and promising as depicted in the media. For more information about topics that GWC is concerned about, visit the link provided above.

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