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Grow Fits Protein Rich Flour

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With as the health of our bodies is a major factor, The Grow Fits High Protein Flour is specifically manufactured to take care of your body’s health.  Made of Protein rich ingredients, the slow carb ability enables slow release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream over a period of time gives you long lasting energy especially when doing heavy activities for the day or even working out at the gym, it is also perfect for weight loss due to the presence of omega 3 fats which also makes it perfect for muscle building.

The flour is perfect for muscle building and is perfect for anyone on a program to keep fit. The High protein Flour has a whopping 3 months shelf-life giving you fewer worries about spoiling, with this atta flour, 300 grams can make up to 25 rotis. Every 100 grams serving contains a healthy roti It is a fact that, in every day of our lives, we mostly consume products made with flour, and o of about 45grammes of proteins 35 grams of carb and 5 grams of fat. For anyone leading a healthy lifestyle, this flour is your answer.

Some flours may be harmful to in some aspects such as the people with a diabetic problem. The flour is highly recommended for such people as it has got no reparations, and also with prebiotic heart-healthy fibre, it ensures your health is safe.

Grow-fit provides this wonderful flour for the best health results and also a health chart once you purchase. a money back guarantee is also provided in case you find the product unappealing. A delivery service is also provided for the customers, and the delivery time may depend on your destination

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