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Home air filtration should not be taken lightly. Most people don’t change the air home furnace / HVAC system as often as is required. However, proper home air filtration necessitates a regular change of the HVAC system air filters. Home air filters are a must have for people that suffer from various respiratory conditions. Nevertheless, even healthy normal individuals do require home HVAC air filters to enjoy clean, dust free air. By eliminating environmental and chemical pollutants from the air, your family will have fresh air and you get to save money on your electricity bills — since your HVAC unit is economical and efficient.

HVAC Air Filters come in various sizes and variety. They prepare the air for clean circulation, eliminating dust and other foreign particles as new-fangled air is strained to the cooling or heating systems through the vents. A clogged air filtering system decreases the efficiency of your ventilation and HVAC air-conditioning system. Regular air filter replacement is vital to your overall health and the longevity of the HVAC mechanism.

Tips for Picking the Best Air Filters

Air filters differ by functionality, cost, material, and size. Consumers pick out their home filters based on shelf information to guide their buying decision. MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) are expressed on a scale from 1-20. Lower numbers indicate an inferior quality filter, and the top numbers signify the filters that purge smaller air particles.
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1. The Mechanical/flat filter is a commonly used filter. It contains disposable fiberglass within a cardboard frame that costs one or two dollars each. It provides roughly 75% efficiency rate of removing large particles and virtually no capacity to remove fine particles.

2. Pleated Air Filter: This air filter resembles its name. It is made of standard polyester-cotton material. It eradicates about 99% of the large air particles, and if you get one with an excellent “dust-efficiency” rating, it can eliminate close to 50% MERV of the little particles to improve your home air quality. Pleated filters cost between $4-$5 each, and they last longer than the cheaper mechanical air filters. However, you should consider replacing them twice a month due to the dust accumulation. The tight filters clog and fill up a little faster.

3. Disposable Electrostatic Air Filter: Mainly contains self-charging cotton or paper fibers with a MERV rating of 10. They cost $10 apiece. They have an 85% efficiency rate on the large matter and 15% with the smaller ones.

4. Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter: It consists of self-regulating cotton fibers or a sharp plastic piece. Prices range from $10-$15 each and have an 8 MERV rating. The PEF has an average 85% efficiency rate on the bigger particles and about 15% MERV with tiny ones.

5. Electronic Air Filters: Utilize a high-voltage charge from a power source instead of static electricity. It is ideal for individuals suffering from allergies and has removable plates to clean frequently. Electronic filters have a MERV rating of 8-10.

6. HEPA filter: The High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter is made of solid thick fiber blends and traps everything including mold, bacteria, spores, dust, and hair with a 99% efficiency rate. A HEPA filter has a MERV rating of 16-20 and costs nearly $100.

High-end air filters are used in hospitals, chemical labs, clean rooms, and technology manufacturing centers. Investing in a quality air filter gives you longer more conventional air filtration.

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