Dianabol – The Most Popular Steroid In Canada

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Dianabol steroid is also known as D-Bol and its chemical name is methandrostenolone. This is developed from testosterone used for muscles building. Most often, these  steroids are taken orally, but the drug is also available in an injectable form.

In the U.S., dianabol steroids were prohibited by FDA, so its sale is illegal there, and also in some other countries. Despite this, dianabol steroid remains popular in the world of the bodybuilders, who are eager for quick results, either on its own or as a stack with other steroids.

How Dianabol is used

In Canada, Dianabol is used for body-building. You can take this anabolic steroid orally or by injections. However, injections are preferred by most people, because they give very fast results, even though pills are commonly used. It has been proved that it works best, when it is combined with other steroids and hormones such as testosterone.


Legality of Dianabol in Canada

In Canada, the legality of Dianabol has been a case of argue for many years.  Some steroids are considered a schedule IV drug in Canada. Possessing a Schedule IV drug in Canada is liable to be punished by 6 months in jail or a fine of $2000.

The Dianabol stash that you own will be declared as schedule IV drug, when you possess more than 200mg. On the other hand, this rule is exceptional when one has a prescription letter for the intake of more than 200mg of Dianabol from a doctor.

Importing Dianabol

It is not illegal to import 200mg or less quantity of Dianabol to Canada, but it can’t be bought directly in the country. To buy something online has its challenges. The important thing is knowledge of scams that exists.

One is required to research the manufacturer to make sure that they will get good quality of Dianabol. You should always read comments from a manufacturer’s site.

One should stay away from sites that offer low rates, because probability of this being a 100% Dianabol is very slim. Importing Dianabol online is the only option for people in Canada, and therefore it is important to do thorough research before making the last decision.

Buying Dianabol Online

It is imperative to search online stores that can be trusted, so that one can get what they want in terms of bulking or cutting needs. The genuine sites will offer you the reviews from the firsthand users, which include both positive feedbacks and also the side effects that they experienced. Such sites can be considered trustworthy.

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