Dental Hygienist Salary

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Dental hygienist salary may depend on many factors. A dental hygienist salary may vary depending on their level of education, location and where the individual decides to practice. It is estimated that their average wage is typically $35.00. A dental hygienist salary in Montreal is one of the lowest in all of Canada whereas Calgary is the best paying for a dental hygienist salary. In 2014, a study showed that Montreal is the lowest paying city in Canada after Saskatoon. The tasks that dental hygienists must carry out throughout a day may include the following; keeping their patients informed on how to maintain and improve their oral health, ensuring that teeth are clean through several different processes, performing X-rays and analyzing them. A dental hygienist salary is expected to be higher in they have any training with anesthesia. A dental hygienist salary is higher if they practice in the United States. It is smarter to begin your career as a dental hygienist outside of Quebec if you wish to pursue this career. A dental hygienist salary in Quebec is not as attractive as other provinces. The smartest move would be to Alberta as they have the highest recorded dental hygienist salary in all of Canada and there are more job openings in Alberta as well.


As far as a dental hygienist education goes, if they wish to practice in Quebec, they must receive a college diploma after completing a dental hygiene program. Once they’ve acquired their diploma, they must then pass a certification exam issued by the government. Then they can begin their career and begin to receive a dental hygienist salary.

In terms of working once you’ve gotten clearance to practice professionally and begin making a dental hygienist salary, you may choose to focus on working mainly with orthodontics. anesthetics, private practices, etc.

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