Comprehensive Information On Canadian Maple Syrup Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Process:

Maple syrup has become extremely popular and so, almost everyone would have become familiar with the process involved in their production. Anyways, let us recap the methods and procedures involved in making maple syrup. The manufacturers take some time to find out the maple trees which are appropriate for obtaining sap from it. Usually, this sap is obtained from, sugar maple trees, red maple trees and black maple trees. As the name differs, their flavors, taste, colors and even quality vary a lot. The obtained sap is boiled consistently to get the right consistency of Canadian Maple Syrup.

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As a matter of the fact, about 60% of sap obtained is water and only the rest of the sap is converted into syrup. Water content of the syrup is boiled to evaporate and get thick, concentrated syrup. Based on certain factors such as sucrose content and color, the maple syrup obtained is graded into two namely Grade A and Grade B. They are packed and distributed across the world. Though it seems to be very simple to prepare maple syrup, it is definitely daunting process as it consumes a lot of time and effort. However, once prepared, you can easily get most of the nutrients required by your body to remain healthy.

Nutritional Facts About Maple Syrup:

When compared to honey, this maple syrup is known to have minerals and other essential nutrients. Even if you are taking honey which contains more calories, you can replace it with maple syrup. It has only a few or no calories, no cholesterol, no fat and no proteins. Rather, it acts as a source of manganese, zinc, copper, iron and calcium. The manganese in this syrup helps in boosting its antioxidants and improving your immune power. Even many other health benefits can be obtained by simply replacing refined sugar or honey with maple syrup.rared, you can eassily maple syrup, it is definitely daunting process as it consumes a lot of time and effort. Ho

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