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Clenbuterol benefits and long term side effects

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In the domain of sports it is not rare to see athletes contribute their heart and soul for the love of the game. From sunrise to sunset they practice every day to get shine in their game. Steroids help a great hand for the athletes and bodybuilders to get more strength and power. Clenbuterol or clen is a drug which stimulated metabolism and boost energy. Though it has many paybacks, Clenbuterol side effects on men and woman are pretty high.

Clen is well defined for being able to induce fat loss while maintaining muscle tissue in an anti-catabolic fashion. As a bodybuilding supplement, it is also taken for weight reduction, diet and fat flaming results. Clenbuterol is used to treat high blood pressure, cardiovascular shock, asthma, migraines, anaphylactic shock, and arrhythmia. It has the ability to raise heart rate, perspiration, temperature and blood pressure of human body.

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The most evident benefit of Clenbuterol is improved cardiovascular efficiency and metabolic activity.This is supposed to be the cause for high calorie expenditure leading to weight loss. It’s easy to use because it only takes one dose per dayHowever; they have been a lot of disquiets, reports and concerns about the Clenbuterol side effects on men and women. The most commonly reported side effects are,

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Anxiety/Nervousness
  • Increased sweating and water loss
  • Muscle Tremors/Jitters
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Severe Muscle Cramps
  • Headaches
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Cardiac muscle hypertrophy

If you take a nontoxic dose and drink plenty of water during the day, side effects are minimal. Muscle cramps are a very common side effect of using Clenbuterol pill and it can be eliminated by using a taurine supplement in your diet. Researchers have shown that with the long-term usage, Clenbuterol causes and increases the proportions of the cardiac muscle tissues of the heart. This only occurs after taking this steroid in large doses for many months or years at a time,which in hand increases the production of collagen. This increase in collagen lessens the heart effectiveness in blood pump.

Besides, research shows that Clenbuterol causes heart disintegration in rodents as it significantlyaffects the dimensions and structure of the heart.All these can cause the worsening of any pre-existing disorder of the heart. In addition, it has been stated that Clenbuterol tends to disturb the mechanical properties and buildup of the bone adversely. Typically,this leads to increasing bone brittleness and the long-term effects include the risk of bone fracture. A lot of deductions have been drawn about the effects of Clenbuterol on animals. Overdose may lead to sustained toxicity and some of the other side effects are: Headaches, Tremors, Breathing difficulties, Vertigo, Stroke, Hypokalaemia, and Hypophosphatemia, depletion of taurine and increased heart rate.

Individuals have observed that after three to four weeks of supervision the drug becomes ineffectual as the individuals rapidly gain back weight.Many thousands of people have taken Clenbuterol carefully, but side effects are possible. It should be cycled to avoid side effects and you should consult a doctor before you start taking it.

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