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Are Shakeology shakes worth it

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It would be in order to worry if shakeology will live up to the hype after purchasing it for that kind of price. The main worry would be if you will be wasting your money into purchasing something that will not serve you as it is supposed to. Well right now shakeology is just the best shake in the markets for weight loss management, boosting digestion regularity, increases your energy, and to also get nutrients at the same time.

Shakeology claims to provide more than just fuel the body which comes out to be true. Before buying the shake, you should ask yourself two questions. Is it a good value – can you get other supplements at a cheaper price but with the same nutrients? Is it necessary? – Yes. It is packed with really super natural ingredients. But again, do you need any of them? The high price of shakeology has been often justified by saying that you can quit by buying protein powders, multivitamins, and probiotics which are all in Shakeology. If you would decide on taking a multivitamin, it will cost you like USD15 a month.

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There is also a notion that you can use shakeology as a meal replacement so you can forget of consuming a meal a day in place of the shake. But note that you cannot have it like a meal but just as a snack. Let’s assume that you decide on taking vitamins a day which will cost you 50 cents, then have a snack for USD 1in the mid-mornings (this where most people prefer to have shakeology), all these would just cost you USD 45 in place of USD 130 for a month.

There are also similar products in the market which have some of the ingredients shakeology has minus the protein which goes for approximately USD 20 a month. And if you feel there is need for some protein, a supplement of that kind would cost you USD 42 a month which is way cheaper than shakeology’s USD 130.

Some of this shakes in the market can never be all similar to each other, but I believe that the effects of each drink would be very similar. For people who use more than USD 4.33 – which is the cost of one serving of shakeology a day for probably their breakfast, I think they should consider shakeology for an alternative to replace all the junk food with it.

If you would want to lose some weight and modify your overall diet, trying to find some good nutritional supplementation, you need regularity in your digestion, then shakeology is the best bet. It is not just expensive for nothing and incase it does not live up to your expectations and what it says or promises then you have an option of returning it back to Beachbody for a refund. Shakeology is not forced down anyone’s throat, it is your choice to buy and sample it. It might not just work for everyone, but I can bet that Shakeology will provide you with what your body has been missing.

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