Amazing Yet Little Known Facts about Maple Syrup

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Most of us intake plenty of sugar through our daily diet, and the level often exceeds our actual need. Excessive ingestion of sugar often brings severe consequences and thus it’s essential to lessen the sugar consumption level. Several artificial sweeteners were already introduced in the market but unfortunately they come along with a set of harmful side effects. With the effort of presenting a completely healthy alternative of cane sugar various researches were conducted all over the world and as an outcome of such hard work and dedication maple syrup were finally explored.

Though for many of us it’s a fairly new concept, but in reality sap from different maple trees were being processed into syrup even before the arrival of European into the land of America. Native Americans were aware about the positive impact of maple syrup even at that epoch and more surprisingly it had cultural significance to a number of aboriginal tribes. This is clear from the fact that they used to celebrate a special festival known as the Sugar Moon. It was celebrated at a specific time of year and few communities still celebrate the day when the first full moon of the season spring appears in the sky. The people of those tribal communities used to participate in maple dance considering maple sap as source of nutrition and energy.

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Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

You will be surprised to know maple syrup contains more than 54 antioxidants that prevent diseases incurred by free radicals like diabetes or cancer. Besides that it contains high level of manganese and zinc that help to keep the heart in healthy condition and improve body’s immune system. It is extracted directly of the plant’s sap thus contain no harmful chemicals. It helps to fight against inflammatory diseases, arthritis or heart disease. You can easily avail it in competitive pricing from online stores that sell wholesale maple syrup.

Last but not the least it reduces oxidative stress to a significant level that is accountable for skin aging at faster rate. Hence, if you haven’t added maple syrup into your daily diet yet it’s the high time to make it an integral component of your regular diet chart.

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