3 Common Stressors that Could Trigger a Waukegan Addict to Relapse

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Let’s face it, recovery often sucks.  From mood swings and weird cravings to outright missing old patterns and addictions, you’ve got plenty on your mind.  Not to mention the demands of family, employment, therapy and recovery at a drug rehabilitation Waukegan…the list could go on and on. Most of these every day stressors are manageable, but there are a few common stressors more likely to trigger a relapse.  If you know, you can be prepared and not risk your recovery because of them.

  1. Loss of a Loved One

Substance abuse disorders can bend a relationship past the breaking point.  Divorce or the death of a loved one can take a huge emotional toll on even otherwise healthy individuals, but to an addict in recovery the weight can be even greater.  Sometimes in recovery even the death of someone you didn’t know so well can be surprisingly devastating.  Why is that anyway?

The truth is, post-acute withdrawal syndrome (or PAWS) often means greater emotional sensitivity.  Until such time as we feel emotionally restored, it is best to surround ourselves with good news and positive people.

If the loss in unavoidable, be sure to speak to your recovery specialist about it immediately at the drug rehab in Waukegan.

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  1. Economic Stress

Unemployment, economic downturns and underemployment (making less than needed or than you deserve) can be a relapse trigger.  If you served jail time or went to rehab, you may have the added stress of a period of no paychecks.

Since economic stress happens, community resources are available to help you through those tough times.  Area food banks/food pantries provide food and also meal guides to help feed yourself and your family.  Free job counseling is available.  The public library offers assistance with cover letters and resumes to improve your employment status.  Drawing together all of your resources is itself a challenge, so speak to your recovery specialist about help, if you experience economic stress.

  1. Toxic Relationships

You think you know who your friends are, until you see someone in a new light.  Spotting a toxic relationship can be difficult, and then distressing when you do.  Still purging our lives of the toxic people is a crucial step on the road to recovery.

If you have a relationship with someone who triggers you to want to abuse alcohol or drugs, speak to your recovery specialist.  Rather than to risk relapse, you can take the steps to rid your life of such people and be better off for it.

Working as a team and working with the substance addiction Waukegan, you can beat these common stressors, should they occur.

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